In Central and East Africa, armed forces and rebels have abducted more than 100,000 children. Children as young as 7 are kidnapped and forced to fight in rebel armies. Many are psychologically tortured and brainwashed — forced to commit atrocities against their own families and communities… forced to fight and to kill. Young girls are abducted and abused, becoming victims of rape and sexual violence. If these children finally escape or are released, they are left with deep and lasting emotional scars from what they’ve seen and been forced to do. Many are unable to return home because they have lost all family members and/or because of stigmatization for atrocities they were forced to commit in their communities. 



Restoring hope and empowering survivors through comprehensive rehabilitation programs — providing physical, emotional and spiritual care, education and leadership development.

Equipping local leaders and counselors to provide quality care programs. Through this partnership, we can provide rehabilitation, psychosocial support and empowerment for former child soldiers and war-affected children.

Providing a sponsorship program for children orphaned and abandoned by war — providing food, shelter, education, medical and psychosocial care.


Amplifying the voices war-affected children. We are committed to raising awareness of war-affected children, child soldiering, and those oppressed in Africa by sharing their drawings, letters and stories with national and international government representatives. 


Raising awareness of the impact of war on children and child soldiers in the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda — wars that have oppressed millions. By introducing new audiences to the effects of these conflicts, we inspire action and promote involvement that will restore and empower war-affected children to become leaders for peace in their nation.