If Humility

If Humility were an oil, I would ask you to anoint me with it. That it might cover my Prideful Wounds and my Defensive Spirit sometimes causing pain to those I love.

If Graciousness were a cloud, I would wish to be surrounded. So that even the slightest peek of the world could be seen in the vision of Pure Appreciation and Gratitude.

If Courage were a breath, I would dream of it filling my lungs from the outside in. Putting to death any attempts Fear would have of suffocating my life.

And Peace. If Peace were a Presence I would ask to be lost in it. That I could be at rest in my Solitude as heavily as if I were in a marketplace of thousands. Gently smiling at all that I do not understand and calmly laying down a load that is not mine to carry.

In search of a Prince that catches all I cannot carry and cloaks all that I cannot see.