Love: It's More Than A Kiss

As I write this, there is snow falling outside my window, two candles lighting my condo to my right, and the simple sound of a clock ticking overhead. I am in Love. IN Love - In the middle of it, surrounded by it, immersed in it actually. So are you.....but it's kinda like magic. We only see it when we open our hearts. 

I want to invite you to be a part of something this week. I want you to do something with me. You may not look at Valentines Day the same again. Keep Reading.

"Mommy, you know what my favorite part of Valentine's Day is? It's giving balloons to the ladies at the nursing home..." Sweet Emma. My four year old niece. Tania takes her each year to give red balloons to the ladies at a nursing home close by. Started me thinking......


I stopped celebrating Valentines Day as most know it about five years ago. A very long term relationship had just ended and I had to make a decision. I could feel sorry for myself, OR I could do the opposite. Embrace it with all of it's sappy overflowing candied hearts and red roses. So I did.

I decided to re-think this Day of LOVE. I thought about those that I loved the most and I bought them cards. I sat down and wrote to each of them - telling them why I loved them. I decided to stop celebrating Valentine's Day as simply Romantic. 

Love is just too big for that.

New Love. Old Love. Sweet Love. Deep Love. Love of a dream. Love of a place. Love of a movie. Love of a child. Love of a song. Love of the ocean. Love of white chocolate raspberry cheesecake truffle from Cheesecake Factory. So many types. Just one word. 

Four letters. One Color.


Love is Beautiful in Many Ways.....

Open your Heart for just a second.

Romance is so much bigger than a romantic relationship. Romance is making things lovely because of Love. It is seeing the signature of God on his creation. Watching the snowflakes weave their way across the sky to that perfectly selected blade of grass they call home. It's the precious uniqueness of each child's laugh - none being the same. It's the artwork of a Congolese war torn child as she draws her life dreams. It's a true friend's long embrace. A hot happy meal to a homeless man. A hug of gratitude from an earthquake victim. 

It is a smile when you are by yourself in the car and that song comes on.  A unspoken bond between two friends. It's overdue forgiveness. It's the sound of distant train whistle. It's knowing something about someone that you only know because their fingerprint is on your heart. It's your cat licking your face to wake you up in the morning. Your dog meeting you at the door. It's the sounds of rain dancing on a tin roof or sleet as it hits your window. 

It's a smirk because you both are thinking the same thing without saying a word. The innocence of a three year old. That look of adoration when you pray with them and the sound of their feet running to you when you walk in the door....that is



Where do you see Romance? Where do you see Love?

Post it. Send it. Status it. Twitter it. Share it throughout the week.....Why?

Because: #itsmorethanakiss

I'll go first. First Post. First tweet......

"Where did I see Love Today? In a daughter holding the hand of her elderly mother as they crossed the street #itsmorethanakiss."