I Drink My Coffee Like I Drink My Life

I drink my coffee like I drink my life. With Purpose and Passion and Much too fast. With gulps instead of sips and carelessness instead of caution.

I have never been a fan of anything I have had to acquire a taste for - when it comes to food or drink anyway. People - now that's a different story. Acquiring a taste for people when my first impression is bitter or distasteful is almost a challenge. What is behind their jaded eyes? What lies behind their harsh words? Who is really behind the curtain of their heart? I wonder.

But back to life - I am learning. Important things. Like to enjoy the small sips rather than trying to gulp with the goal of gaining the caffeine jolt sooner rather than later. I had that realization just yesterday. Why?


Simply because it was cold and the coffee was warm and wonderful, and I got this strange new desire to make it last as long as I could. To actually enjoy it rather than gulping it down with the purpose of "waking up"..... I liked it, actually! And then I laughed at learning from my cup of coffee. God teaches me in the strangest ways. If I let Him. He is teaching me: To Sip, To Listen, To Notice. To stop my world - if only for a few seconds - to listen closer, hug tighter, look deeply, and to drink slowly and at the moment?

At this moment that means pretending that I am riding one of the snowflakes outside of this window as she floats her way down from the clouds to the ground with the speed of Imagination. Being scooped up by a playful lover and blown into the face of a First Crush as she laughs behind her wool scarf and underneath her knitted snow cap.

Play - may we never underestimate it. Play or Sipping. Sipping, yeah. I think I may start doing that. With my coffee. With my Life.