Invisible Wings

So I have this think I do. I have a lot of things I do. But this one comes out when I'm away from home. I like to take other people's pictures. I know. I know. That's not what I mean. You know, you see it too:

He takes her picture. She takes the camera, gets in his spot, and then she takes his picture. Or this one: One of the group steps out of the group to take the picture of everyone else. Then someone else says...."Ok ok, now you get in it." Then they say, "Noooo it's ok. I don't need in it." Then the other guy say "Yes you do! Let me take one with you in it this time." He takes the camera out of her hands and she takes his spot. You know the drill. So I like to be that person. Walking by.

Today it was strolling by. Twice it happened. Once at sunrise. I was walking up on them taking a group picture of the ocean behind them. Two people switching spots - but no one to take a picture of all of them together. I saw them from a distance. Me with my camera taking odd pictures from odd angels of odd things. I often just get so in the zone that before I know it I am either lying in the street taking pictures or waist deep in the ocean with my camera. No Lie. I was coming out of the ocean and just took a picture of something I had written in the sand. Approaching them.......

"Do you want me to take a picture of all of you together?"

"Oh that would be great!" I did. Snip. Snap. They said thank you. I was walking away. She stopped me. "What were you writing in the sand?"

Thinking she assumed it was Barry Loves Janice or Make Love Not War.....I paused. Does she really want to know? I stammered.

"Uhhhhm..... it was 'Sing A New Song'"

You ever notice someone's face get warm? It's not a warmth to the touch. It's a different kinda warm. Kinda a glow. Kinda. Yeah - she glowed a bit. Smiled. I turned to walk away.

"Hey...." Stopping me with her words. I turned around and met her eyes. My mother's age. Sweet Demeanor. She bent down to draw something in the sand. A Treble Clef. Looked up and me and said:

"Sing a new song." and she was past glowing now. I was too.

" too."

You ever get that feeling that there are angels around you and you don't know it. Like if you had a spiritual filter of sorts, you would be able to see their invisible wings? Yeah. I bet she had some. I bet if I could see them they would be glowing. And warm : )