The Business Man and The Bum

So there is this story of this man. He lived on the beach. Not on the elegant part of the beach. He lived on the bummy side of the beach. He was a bum. Not the kind who asked for change.....the kind who sought for naught. A beach bum. The best kind.

A wealthy business man was taking his vacation on this beach. Troubled by watching the bearded beach bum every day come to the same spot and fish all day until it was time to go home - and doing the same thing the next day. Seemed pretty much a worthless life. Lacking ambition. Short on spunk. Worthless. The wealthy business man could take it no more.

He went up to the beach bum and said, "O.K. so don't you want to DO anything with your life? Do you have no motivation at all to make something of yourself?"

The man slowly looked up at him, "What would I do?"

"Well you could go to school and get an education for starters."

"Then what?" the fisherman asked. "Well.....maybe you would use your degree and advance in your field."

"Then what?" The business man was caught in between getting frustrated and excited with anticipation of what this poor soul could do with his life."You could build a business could buy a house and maybe even a better car."

"Hmmmmmm O.K., Then what?" "Well, you could then start to save money and have a retirement fund and then maybe, if you worked hard enough, you could even retire early."

"Really? Well....what would I do then?"

Really excited at this point, the business man's eyes were big and bright with plans of accomplishment. "Well then you could retire and come down and fish every day. Every day you could come to this spot and fish until your hearts content,"

The fishermen smirked and looked down to bait his hook. Casting his line into the ocean, he said,

"Well, sir. That kinda looks like that what I'm doing about now."