Returning To Life

It is morning. Early morning. Dark actually. Eyes open. Unable to move. Bound by wrappings so tightly that the body seems as one piece of flesh. Senses come to life. The smell of spices, myrrh, and aloe is overtaking. Breath......Deep Breath. And then a smile. Freedom.

This is it. Words spoken for centuries coming to pass. Life.After.Death. The air smells sweeter, the senses more alive, touch is - well, odd, actually. A bit numb. Hands.....Feet.....sore and aching. But it matters not - home is a few days away.

He rises....He Rises. Resurrection. What does it mean - really? It means this: The act of rising from the dead or returning to life. The state of one who has returned to life.

There is something about Returning. Renewal. Something about Newness. Freshness. Second chances. Second lives. This meaning (among so many others) is what this day represents to me. Some say that we all have second chances.....we just have to know when to take them. The problem is - we often don't take them. Maybe because we don't think we deserve them. Maybe because we don't think it will be any different this time. Maybe because we feel - bound. Tied up. Sealed in a cave - stone in place. In bondage. But are we? Really?

If we are surrounded by pure oxygen, but we refuse to breathe - will we not suffocate?

If we are immersed in rainbows, but we never open our eyes - will we not forever live in darkness?

If we are saturated by the grace of the cross..... if we are clothed in the newness of mercy..... if we are surrounded with millions of keys, all of which fit the door to unlock a second, seventh, and seventy-seven chance, but we refuse to reach down and pick them up - will we not live in a barren frozen mummified cave forever?

He is there. I promise. p r o m i s e. He is on the other side of the door. Cave open. Stone rolled away. We have the choice: Lay as dead men....imprisoned in our own rags of self bound shame and hopelessness OR we can lean over and pick up a key, walk out of a dark cave, or take an outstretched scared hand. Sharing in His resurrection: Returning to a life of truly living. We were not created to exist. We were created to live. If we are not truly living then we are existing, and if we are only existing then we are truly dead.

It's worth it. I promise. 

So today. On an Easter Sunday. May we Rise Up And.....Walk....Run...Dance. Twirling in a newness of repentance. Of all things new - new way of thinking, new way of living, new way of being. All things new.

So reach with me for the key. Take that first step out of the cave. The opening may be a little tricky. The light blinding at first. The other side a little scary - but you won't be walking out alone. Especially not today. Not today : )

Much Love to All -

Happy Easter.