I Took A Picture With My Eyes

I took a picture with my eyes today. Framed in my mind. Tucked away in my soul. It was my daddy.

Looking out of my windshield at him looking back at me with teary eyes.

"Love you Boog. More than you know........." He paused. "You're a part Of me."

He stood there with a water sprayer in his hand in preparation to wash off the dogwood blossoms from the hood of my jeep. They had fallen on it from the wind of the spring rain.

"The petals will stain if we don't get them off."

I had my hand on the handle of my open door in preparation to leave. Back to Nashville.

"I love you too daddy......You're a part of me too"

I often say that one of the best gifts my daddy gave me was his tears. One of many. Strong Men Cry. Mighty Men. Men who aren't afraid to feel. Courageous. He taught me not to fear my tears - and I don't. They come freely as of late.

I closed my door and watched him spray off the white blossoms. Giving attention to get every one - rarely giving attention to Anything except maybe where to shoot the buck or the turkey standing in front of him. Apple doesn't fall far......

I watched him in his gentle strength. He is not an overly successful business man - though he has run a business. He is not a world-renowned speaker - though he has Shepherded many churches. He is not a wealthy man -though his wisdom is among great riches. He is........a man.......of God. And in so many ways he has taught me to be a Godly woman. Failing so often along the way.

His deed was done and he looked at me through the windshield - spraying my face as close as he could between water and glass. And he smiled. And I smiled back. I brought my fingers to my lips and kissed them.....waving goodbye. He waved back. Still smiling.

I drive away knowing that there will come a day when my only memories of him will be the ones that I have taken with my eyes and framed in my mind and tucked away in my soul - much like my Heavenly Father. Not so far away.

Unable to touch Him or hug Him or even meet Him with my eyes. And I wonder if he would say much different that what I heard today. If God had a chance to speak words to my ears -

"I love you, Boog. More than you know.......

You are a part Of me."

And I am. And He is.

My daddy taught me that. A gift. One of many.