A nail around my neck. A bead around my wrist. A tear in my eye. A pen in my hand. I sit. Looking at a flameless fireplace - the taste of Grey on my tongue - surrounded by an empty hearth. Submerged by a chair of purple velvet... and I listen:

"Love is a poor man's fool." He says. Do I believe him?

I think not. 

What is my life should I not loose it and what is being found should I never fell lost?

And what is lost?

What is lost?

It amazes me to watch how we attempt to fill in the blanks in our lives -  in the search for a significance for which we were never intended. I wonder what would happen if we just sat in our own insignificance....letting HIM BE our significance. Embracing our inadequacy instead of fighting against it. Allowing Him to finally make us whole. He Alone. 

Some of the most beautiful carvings of my soul - the most painful - were created when I was lost. When I was immersed in my own insignificance, depending more on Him for my soul's value.

And slowly the light began to fade in, slowly. My spiritual eyes adjusted, slowly. And, slowly, I became found. Not because I was ever lost - not really. 

Can you be lost when someone always knows where you are? 

You can Feel lost - in the depths of your core you can feel lost. But are you......really? Maybe its not that we are lost - maybe it's just that we can't see we have already been found. 

Maybe we are just blind.

Remove our scales, Lord - may they fall from our eyes as leaves from your Tree of Life. In the colors of Fall. By the sweetest breeze of your lips. Carried by the grandest wind. 

May they fall. And may we fall.