After 30 minutes of internet attempts - I am finally in...My computer tells me that i have nine minutes and 13 seconds left. How do you begin to fill up this space with that much time.

Sudan was humbling and facinating. Kenya proved to be a tower of strength. Uganda.....Uganda......what an incredible place of hope and healing. I dream of seeing this in Goma one day. As we sat around Village of Hope orphanage last night and listened to the singing and prayers of the formally abducted child soldiers and young girls who have experienced horrific events I couldn't help my shed some tears. I was doing good until i saw they cover their faces with their hands and pray and pray and pray.......each one sporadically and unrehearsed calling out to God and praising Him for their safety and security. After we left I was told that all of them had either seen their parents killed at the mercy of the LRA rebel army or were forced to kill their parents themselves - yet they smile. Pure strength.

I am going to the IDP camps tonight to dance and sing with the children. Healing takes on a new level here as heartaches are etched at a deeper level. Much to learn. Much to know. God has been more than gracious already in leading me to those here who have been in the trenches (literally) and have loved in great ways.

Two minutes.....

I am keeping a blog in my journal and will update as i can.

Much love to all....b


Again - only a few minutes, but just wanted to share a moment. After meeting with three NGOs yesterday to learn about trauma healing with formally abducted child soldiers and young girls, brainstoming about peace teaching in the schools, and soaking in an amazing ride on a motorbike.....I was full to overflowing.

Re-reading "The Shack" this morning to escape for a bit and discussing life with Michelle....we saw him. He wheeled himself up to the gate and said something in Acholi that we couldn't understand. Looking at him more closely - his wounds were unmistakeable. He clasped his fingertips together and put his hand toward his lips as the universal sign of "i am hungy." After a little discussion we found out that he has leprosy. My heart sank. I asked if I could give him my crackers and pray with him. The closer i got, the more i realized that he actually had no fingertips at all. most of his fingers were not even complete fingers and his feet were even more decayed. Realizing he would not be able to open the package, I opened it for him and slid my hand through the gate. He took it and smiled. Kneeling down i began to pray for him. A few seconds later Michelle was there beside me. Looking down at his feet as i prayed for him, i was asonished. What do you pray for such a man?

I walked away thinking simply what an honor it had been to bring him before the throne of God. Who am I Lord, that you would use me? Who am I.........

we fly back to kenya tomorrow. so much to learn here....i need weeks instead of days.

thanks to all for the prayers. xo b