A Feather as a Bookmark

I use feathers as bookmarks, and I love the sound of certain words as they roll off of my tongue. I don't like very many things with wires. I also semi-loathe voices that come from inanimate objects with engines pretending to be a person telling you what direction to turn in "X" amount of miles. I crave to live in the Christmas episode of Little House on the Prairie, and I wish we could all just get along. I crave authenticity and I value original thoughts - though I think that sometimes we use that to create our own reality that simply doesn't exist. I love to challenge and to be challenged, and I love to be fiercely pursued as strongly as is the existence of Love itself......and I take a few days at the first of every year to try to let God teach me.

What have I learned this past year? What is it you want me to see clearer? How would you have me to change to reflect you better? What has life taught me in the past 12 months, and how can I become a better student? How would you take this next year, Lord, and use it?

I ask these questions at the first of every year and I try to listen. Listen loudly. As I sit in front of this fireplace, I realize that there are many changes on the horizon for me. I feel in my bones that this next year will be a year of change and purpose and growth. The past four years have been astronomical in terms of what God has taught me, how God has changed me, and what life has brought me - pain, purpose, brokenness, beginnings, opportunities, walls, loneliness, intimacy, wisdom, and stupidity. I pray that I continue to walk the path and travel the journey. He as my guide and teacher - my Rabbi - and I as His wide-eyed daughter with big questions and bigger dreams.

"The only reason my heart beats is because you showed it how. I will find my way. You showed me. I'll find my way. Cause you showed me how..... " I listen to Katie sing.

I am here because you have allowed me to be here. I pray, Lord, that you never let me forget that.

So these next few days will consist of a lot of writing, reading, praying and (or course) Blogging. Which is just another way of journaling with a battery - yes?

In anticipation - b