Christmas Day, A Thrill of Hope

Have you ever wondered why God used light to lead the wisemen to Jesus? Why a star? Why not a sheep that they followed to Bethlehem or a pre-pathed trail leading to the Savior's manger? So many ways that could have led to the same baby King on that night. Ever think about it? Countless options and He chose one - a Star - a Light. I, personally, believe that was the most symbolic part of the whole story. The fact that the King of Kings was born in such degrading surroundings teaches us about the honor of humility. The fact that God was born to an unwed virgin mother speaks to the power He has to use the tiniest of us for the greatest of His glory. Believing in us even when we don't believe in ourselves. But the fact that He used a light to usher in the Glory of Grace has Hope nestled all around it. Starlight surrounded by Darkness. Brilliance peeking through The world's Pain. Pure Love and Goodness gifting the Lost. I think of one word:

Hope - Gift Five. And what a precious gift it is.

If you have read any of my other blogs, you know that this has been a theme of this past year for me. After Congo - my previous view of hope was unraveled. Having a patient at the first of the year commit suicide, I was forced to understand it's vitality at a different level. Hope - to be without it has been described as "living as the dead". Which is why many often choose to end their that very moment, they can see absolutely no hope. This hit home for me, yet again, yesterday as the phone rang to let us know that our cousin, still in his twenties, had taken his life. Hopeless....Lost....Loneliness at such a deep level that Darkness takes on an entirely different meaning.

What drowns out Darkness? It is Light. What Looks Evil in the Eye? Goodness. Love. What sits across from Despair? Challenging it - Taunting it - Boldly standing tall in Strength and Confidence? Fighting it tooth and nail? Hope. H O P E.

The Star that night represented so much more than just something to follow that lead to the ending of the Scavenger Hunts of all Scavenger Hunts. It was more than a compass. It was a Hope like no other. You see, what this past year has taught me is this: It is all about what you are Hoping FOR. In Congo, if they wait for their hopes of raping and warring to end then they may never find it. If we, in our daily lives, wait for our hopes of total security, a phenomenal marriage or mate, the perfect size, recognition, someone to be proud of us, or for a situation to be as it should be - then disappointment will ever linger in our hearts. We simply have no guarantee of anything - anything other than Something. Something wonderful. What I have learned this year is that when we are able to dig deep within ourselves and eyegaze as high as we possible can.....looking beyond our situation, past our pain, and into the eyes of a Savior - born many years ago. We become the Wisemen surrendering our will. We become the followers of a Celestial Being bigger than our own situation. We become hopeful of two things: Above all - the Hope of Heaven. And Beyond that: The Hope of the hand of God reaching out for ours, holding it gently in His palm - Guiding. Loving. Comforting. Going before us to providentially pave a way. Looking out. Looking up. Beneath a...

"Star of wonder. Star of Light. Star of Royal Beauty Bright. Westward leading. Still proceeding. Guide us to thy Perfect Light" That's a Hope bigger than Life. Literally.

Wishing you the Merriest of Christmases and Hoping that you Never Ever Look at the Stars the same....
All My Love, b

p.s. Thanks for going on this five day journey with me. It has been enlightening for me, for sure. to make a Gingerbread House with a Princess ; )